This is where I post links to the music that I enjoy. Be warned my taste in music is extremely eclectic!
This may be something to do with the fact that what I regard as my favourite song or my most hummed song of the week tends to vary with the weather, the time of day, and life in general.
Consequently, I’m guessing that the nature of my posts will be somewhat sporadic and random in nature.  There will be no clear correlation between my individual music posts.
From Gospel to Ragga, to Pop, to Funky house, to Classical, to Rnb, to Garage, to Indie, to Urban, to Rap, to Afro-Beat. I confess I luv it ALL!!!  From the legends to the up and coming stars, I listen to everything and anything that is pleasing to my ears.

Enjoy ;-)
Cyber D

Ed Sheeran! A Team

I love this song, and this and the originality that this Ed dude brings! *CyberDiva Thumbs Up*

How excited does this picture of The X Factor Judges and their contestants make you feel? Bring back Amelia!


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