Tuesday, 25 January 2011
If time were affordable?

If time were affordable.

If time was affordable...

It is!  I hear you say, people charge per hour everyday to be consulted in a variety of ways…

Again, I ask if time were affordable…?
I’ve no concern with rates charged to  hear people think whilst Jiggling ink.  

Money can’t buy time, not really, not nearly, no not at all.

If time was affordable…

One pound, dollar or naira to regain an hour…
Regain an hour… an hour lost, what if?

1.6 pence for a minute back, get back that minute, take back that one thing too many said.

Or perhaps  a sum of £50 million to skip back a decade or maybe just a year?

Or a grand for the chance to eliminate the time you encountered your worst fear.

Better still write off past tears …. Clear the debt of tears once accumulated or inflicted.

Pay to get that one moment back when there was a time for you to show you cared.

What if time was affordable chargeable and such.

Bread, eggs, sugar, and time… in the basket , an idea sublime.

Time, time and time again, at some point we all desire more time….

Time, time, time!

If it were affordable why would we feel the need to strive to shine?

Time…an affordable yet necessary sign?



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