Thursday, 16 September 2010
The Evolution.
The Cyber Inscriber  is Born!

Witness the evolution of a magnificent writer, poet, and artist.

Why not, there is no harm in melodious expression.

Yes, I want people to stop, marvel and admire the words and echoes of my inner mind and heart captured and tamed within a single sentence, page or paragraph.

Works of art preserved by multiple forms and word of mouth, miraculously standing the test of time.

Is it  not possible for my writing to be perceived as art?

Yes, Artistic!

Perhaps one day like a masterpiece in the grandest of galleries each letter, comma, full stop and apostrophe will shine with many colours, that is, colours of the world.

Yes the colours of a sea  filled with languages?

I see it!

A multicoloured linguistic butterfly boasting Yoruba, English, Mandarin, Thai, German, Arabic, Spanish, French, and maybe even Japanese.


Perhaps Japanese!

Japanese would also be a fitting language to express my words via beautiful inscriptions within it's artistic alphabet.

I want to reach a point where I can use my keyboard, pen or pencil to perform.

I want to be a great writer!

I want to become a great performer!

I want my readers to come on a literary journey with me every time they witness the words I inscribe on paper, the web, or the forefront of their minds.


The Cyber Inscriber is born!

You are invited to watch her evolve.



Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

Welcome!...loving it already

Cyber Diva said...

Much appreciated. Thanx 4 the support :-)


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