Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The World needs a Chilean Mineshaft?

Perhaps I need a Chilean mineshaft?
Perhaps we need a Chilean mineshaft?
The world needs a Chilean mineshaft?

What treasures could possibly be found shut off from all the noise in the depths of the dark San Jose mine?

Reflection? Perhaps even hope, faith, appreciation, a new found order of priority, a sudden thirst to survive embedded in a new found understanding and thirst for life?

Perhaps I need a Chilean mineshaft?
Perhaps we need a Chilean mineshaft?
The world needs a Chilean mineshaft?

A deep pit of isolation restriction and uncertainly?

The ability to forge new definitions instantly?

A deep pit of despair and contemplation with the means to instantaneously depreciate the value of Gold , the means to cast regret on every time one was not bold and prevented a new story of victory, substance or generosity from being told?

Perhaps I need a Chilean mineshaft.
Perhaps we need a Chilean mineshaft.
The world needs a Chilean mineshaft.

Only the strong can survive, surely to survive a Chilean mineshaft one must be as strong and as resourceful as the resources that the very mineshaft itself possesses?

Faith, willpower, courage, patience and the hope that one day from the darkest of places a Phoenix will come to our rescue. The hope or perhaps a certainty that a Phoenix will come and one would be winched up, out and into the light? Certainty that somehow someday one will take flight? Perhaps some will go in the thick of the night?

Perhaps! Perhaps! Perhaps...

Perhaps I no longer require a Chilean mineshaft, perhaps now I realise that I already have mine? I already have my own? We already have our own?

It has taken 33 men 70 days to discover the most precious treasures of all. How long would it take the world?

How big, how deep, and how dark would the worlds Chilean mineshaft have to be before humanity’s true natural resources can be unearthed? An eternity under mankind’s very nose and still...


Elsa said...

I liked it, but it wouldn't work, they'd kill us and eat our corpses. U do realize they're insane. Logic is not a part of their daily ritual. 4 them it's more 4 me, kill or b killed. It'd make 4 a nice song, a tribute, a poem as it's, but in theory, I want no part of being locked into cave w/bigoted racist homophobic mean uncaring ppl


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