Sunday, 17 October 2010

January 20th

If one man did not dream, if one man did not dare, if one man failed to speak,  would they ever be standing there?

Well pigs must be flying & icicles in Hades, for today they are near. Some may even say that today they are there?

The old the poor, the victims of war, the young the rich they all witness it!

Yes! Oh yes! A new vibe in the air, some kind of new cheer, perhaps it slipped in with the New Year?

The spirit of hope latched on the promise of change?

Finally! Finally! Finally they dared not to fear. Possibility of change! From him this they did hear! Indeed! Indeed! The time had come for them to prepare.

They stand united, but at the same time re-united! Perhaps re-united more than united but this is not enough to prove successfully divisive. 

They are trampled, they are confused, and they are battered, alas there great economy in tatters!

They think should we have done that? For their offspring are now in combat and the promise of peace inevitably delayed.

The last thing they wanted was more pain, they long for the sorrow to be driven away…

The end of a dynasty a sign of a man’s new legacy?

Hope!  Hope, a feature of both days old and new!

They fight to succeed and some fight for the simple means to proceed. A single vote the means of playing a bold part in planting this precious new seed?

They hope for peace and they hope for joy. They hope to never again become the collective victims of a man’s ploy.
Oh Joy! Oh Joy! Oh Joy! They cry out! Today we have witnessed the eradication of the most dangerous form of doubt. 



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