Sunday, 17 October 2010
Like a tree she stands still.

Just for now she stands still.

There is no swaying today no moving from side to side.

For today the winds are calm, the storm has cleared.

 She like the tree stands still and firm amongst them.

She is the tallest amongst them, she clearly stands out.

Tall above the rest soaring in the skies, she dwarfs them.

Like the tallest palm tree on a sunny day she appears somewhat immovable.

Like the tallest oak tree in the deepest and thickest of forests she is strong

Her roots are firmly and deeply rooted.

Therefore she can never be easily uprooted.

Yes she may be chopped down, but this will not be with ease.

Surely her roots will remain solidly intertwined beneath the soil?

Hope in the form of a shoot, sprout, stem or a new branch then growth...

She grows and continues to grow all over again.



Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken said...

love it snap snap

Cyber Diva said...

@ Ms Yellow Sisi Unspoken, Thank you!! :-)


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