Sunday, 17 October 2010

Am I to be oblivious?

Am I to act oblivious?

I shall master the act.

To be seen as totally unaware, not a sign of despair, not a trickle of a tear or a trace of fear. Not a frown when you’re near   or when you are out there.

I choose to be oblivious.

Not once, not twice, oh yes I’m too nice as I   remain oblivious.

It cuts like a knife and it causes me strife but I remain oblivious.

I’m not even your wife so why choose this life, why choose to remain oblivious.
Because love won’t come twice and he is my Mr Right and so I remain oblivious.

But tonight is the night I choose to keep dignity in sight as this has become ridiculous, I must put down my foot as he has mistook. Oh yes he thinks I am so oblivious.

Oblivious! Oblivious! Oblivious indeed! Its over you see. You didn’t fool me!

You didn’t fool me with your long list of priorities, why didn’t you heed, did you expect me to plead? Surely this inevitability was foreseen? It must have been...

I looked him in the eyes and let out a sigh and said…

Did you think I was oblivious? Your antics were fairly obvious, now see what you have done to us. You gave our love away for lust. What we had you blew away like dust. And because of this I must, I must, I must…

I must walk away, I have nothing to say, so you go your way . Oh my! The dismay! When I walked away! He really did pay and to this.
And to this….
And to this…
And to this…
And to this!  
He was totally and undoubtedly, and utterly oblivious!!!



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