Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Old Haggard Angel

There she goes all haggard and a head full of greys.
Her finger nails are as black as coal, for there is no warm place for her to bathe and come in from the cold.

She moves slowly along the littered pavement. Slowly she walks.  Her knees are old and creaky, her back is arched,  two pages out of a long story of years of suffering.

Her head is bowed both Physically and spiritually because the ways of the world have taught her to understand the true meaning of humility.

She understands her place in the world more than they.
They who walk passed her and cover up their nose from the linger of her torn worn out clothes.

They who walk by her and pass her in the cold.

They who walk by her and say isn’t she shrivelled and old!

Shouldn’t she go!

I wish she would go!

They say   this woman should move, she should not approach me as I too need food.

She shouldn’t slow me down as I have somewhere to be. I'm in a justified hurry can she not see!

Of this the old woman, the old woman does know, for she has a friend whose story has been told.

She has a mission, a mission to see. Which of these busy people are worthy of He?



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