Sunday, 19 December 2010

Colour Blind

When it’s black and white I say it's black and white.
Although I know with black and white there is a margin allowing for a tint of grey in between.

When it is red, I say it is red, and I lament of the hint of the danger foreseen.

When it is green I say it is green, I’m willing to encounter the new found reality extracted from my dreams.

So why now do I lack clarity? Why can’t I comprehend? Where have all the colours gone, where am I going wrong? 

Now I see nothing, nothing at all.  What do I say now?  What do I do?  You have rendered me colour blind.  Colour blind, I sigh... I pause... I think... I think some more...

Nothing seems simple anymore...

Mixed pallets of emotions, mixed signals…
Images, shadows, silhouettes, textures, light, dark, I even see reflections, mirror images and what not... Yet, I see know defining colours...

I close my eyes and hope that when I open them a crystal clear spectrum will unfold.



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