Sunday, 16 January 2011
YSL, Dior & disappointment ...

I just watched a video on a blog called “A Writer’s Life”  (  The video was about the passing of the late YSL(RIP), and his legacy in the fashion world.

Amidst the cool shots of high fashion catwalks and red carpet events I could not but help pay close attention to the narration. A particular series of events in YSL’s life really stood out to me...

“If the late YSL was not drafted into the army leading to him losing his job working for Dior,  he probably would have never established one of the biggest fashion houses of all time. Put simply my dear readers, in every disappointment there is a blessing.”

That’s all folks.


Margery Hannah said...

"In every disappointment there is a blessing." Yes, so true! Makes life pretty good, huh?


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