Tuesday, 15 February 2011
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Arsenal Versus Barcelona
Venue: Emirates Stadium Date: Wednesday, 16 February Kick-off: 1945 GMT
Coverage: BBC Sport website, BBC Radio 5 live and Live on ITV 1

This is  just a quick and brief post today. If you’re not a fan of football/soccer I apologize in advance. Admittedly I myself am no football fanatic; however I do support Arsenal & make a point of watching their big games….

Well, it doesn’t get any bigger than Arsenal’s match against Barcelona tomorrow and I felt the occasion was big enough to justify a blog.

So…Gunners are you ready? Our boys certainly are,  “They” were up early this morning  training at London Colney ! Oh, and the “They” included Samir Nasri, Woohoo!! Apparently he trained with the rest of the team and has recovered from the injury that he sustained to his hamstring in the game against Huddersfield. Nasri will be at the Emirates despite a possibility that our much loved midfielder may not start… :-S (*Shaking my head*)

We don’t want a repeat of last season when  Gallas et al started but had to leave the pitch in the first half. We all know how that story ended!  What else? Rosicky is playing but Diaby isn’t because he went and messed up his calf whilst playing from France. (Sucks).  There is more, let’s not forget  that Sagna is suspended because he was sent off in the Partizan Belgrade game. (*sigh*)

This is a big match for us, if, (sorry, I meant when) we beat Barca we are unstoppable! Nothing logical should prevent us from wining the Champions League!  We’ve been in the Champions League quarter finals three seasons in a row and if we want be there a fourth time we need to beat Barca tomorrow regardless of the presence of Messi, Pedro and Villa.

In a nutshell we need to play with passion, no regrets or stupid stunts by both team members and Manager, just superb clean heartfelt football.

I hope Arsenal does the unthinkable tomorrow and exceeds all expectations leaving Barcelona with a humbled lesson in the beauty of the underdog.  



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