Monday, 14 February 2011
VALentines day or  VALidation day…

A day of VALidating the ones who are worth your time, worth your effort, worth a space in your mind?
A day of clarification, VALidation and filtration?
A day of separation, separate the men from the boys?
A day to discover any ploys to treat you as toys?
The considerate from the inconsiderate?
The serious from the unserious?
The day where the quality is definitely more important that quantity.
A day when the thought is really enough to count…
VALidation day, or Re-eVALuation day?
Be greatful for your VALS day it’s an indispensable weapon in the battlefield that is love.
A day you don’t have to wait for before you start to eVALuate your situation. Why wait a year?



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